6000 trees planted to alleviate flood risk

Helmsley Group, in conjunction with Rt Hon. Michael Howard and Carole Whitby of Upside Down Design, has arranged for 6000 trees to be planted on land owned by the three parties to help prevent flooding in York.

The land is part of Yorks flood plain and its hoped the trees will eventually slow the flow and soak up water, whilst helping to improve air quality and the diversity of wildlife around the City.

The trees were planted with the aid of grants from central government and the public will have access for a minimum of 10 years to the emerging ‘Whitby Wood’.

Helmsley Group Chairman John Reeves said: “’It’s not often we get the chance to try to make a real difference to York’s green spaces. The planting of 6000 trees is going to have a huge beneficial impact on York long after the three of us are gone and our hope is that these trees will help to relieve flooding in central York in the future.”

He added: “Many feel that developers aren’t keen on looking after the environment and we hope this project shows how far from the truth this is. I’m personally a bit of a closet ‘green’ so I’m keen to see initiatives that improve the environment, just like our Urban Orchard at The Walk development in York. It’s important that we all try to look after our City and its future and green spaces can have practical benefits as well as becoming a place for local people to enjoy.’’

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