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Helmsley property portfolio
Helmsley property portfolio

Buying into bricks and mortar through commercial property syndication is a very simple concept, which we have developed and refined and been involved with for more than 20 years.

Suitable only for investment by Professional clients, qualifying High Net Worth individuals or Sophisticated Investors.

We make it easy for you to directly invest in well-let commercial properties such as high street retail and leisure, offices and industrial units which have the ability to provide attractive returns and a well secured income.

Imagine owning a portfolio of blue chip properties as part of your pension or investment portfolio. Not managed through a fund manager but, managed by you, with risks and returns spread across a range of sectors and a geographical spread to suit you. We use our expertise to buy or develop properties in prime locations, which are rented on medium to long-term leases to high quality tenants. You become a beneficial owner of a percentage of one or more of these properties through syndication and subsequently receive a proportionate share of the rental income and any future capital growth.  These investments are categorised as unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS).

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The beauty of syndicated property is that you can invest directly in a single commercial property and can pick and choose which property you wish to invest in. Syndication allows smaller investors to purchase bigger and better quality stock, than would otherwise be unobtainable. You can even spread your risk over several property types and properties in different locations.

Property syndication is suited to people looking for relatively low risk, long to medium-term returns away from the stock market. Annual net returns of at least 5.75%p.a. are currently being achieved, but these can increase at rent review and some properties in our portfolio are showing returns in excess of 8.25%p.a. after management costs, and excluding capital growth.

Our clients’ syndicated property portfolio has amounted to approximately £110 million all acquired and held with cash funds. Tenants range from single occupiers, ‘blue chip’ tenants such as Nike, Boots and Halfords and government agencies on long-term leases, to properties with mixed tenants on shorter leases.

The benefits of participating in a Helmsley property syndicate are:

  • You directly own your share of the commercial property and are in control of your investment

  • You can choose a property syndication that best suits your personal investment criteria e.g., yield, covenant strength, business sector, location, length of lease etc

  • You can spread your investments amongst a wide range of commercial property assets, and you may also wish to consider investing in one or more of our syndicated loan opportunities

  • You are free to sell you individual syndicate holding at any point

  • Our syndicated property opportunities are SIPP & SSAS pension fund compliant subject to your SIPP or SASS providers approval.

  • All syndicate purchases are made entirely from cash funds and carry no borrowings or charges

  • All clients’ funds are paid directly into a solicitor’s escrow account and remain there until completion;

  • Helmsley does not handle client money.

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“We provide our client base and potential investors with a range of opportunities that are always secured against land or property and have the potential to provide good levels of returns on a mid to long term basis.”