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“York is a jewel in the crown of not only Yorkshire’s architectural and cultural heritage, but that of the UK’s too.”
buildings if you look above the gaudy shopfronts; let’s get these vacant upper  oors brought back to life and ensure they are maintained.
In order to achieve visions such as this, councils and developers alike need to be forward thinking, ambitious and bold, working in partnership for the bene t of all. We need to do this by not fearing the ruination of the past, but embracing it to take the city to the next level.
More can certainly be done to accelerate
the scale and speed of sympathetic historic renovation. Common sense needs to be applied in order to make best use of assets in all our town and cities.
Planning chiefs believe the answer to the city’s future prosperity lies in York Central: a scheme that if developed will increase its footprint by a third. Its proponents say it will not only create 6,500 new jobs but also improve the quality of employment, attracting new and better people and associated industries to Yorkshire.
This is all well and good, but with York Central
at least 15 years away from completion, we need to  nd other ways to boost economic growth, make housing a ordable and increase wages. As with all things, celebrating the past is a worthy exercise, but it can only take us so far.
But through collaborative partnerships and by embracing the combination of the old and the new, organisations like Helmsley Group can point the way for places like York grappling with the legacy of its dramatic past.
We are excited to continue to bring change to the city, in collaboration with investors, partners and clients. Watch this space...

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