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Max Reeves, director at Helmsley Group, explores how we can balance protecting a city’s heritage, without standing in the way of progress.
Collaboration is a value that is integral
to all of us at Helmsley Group. We are passionate about forming partnerships with key stakeholders within the city of York to ensure that the city is the best that it can be.
York is a jewel in the crown of not only Yorkshire’s architectural and cultural heritage, but that of the UK’s too. With almost 2,000 years of history behind it, the city boasts a collection of buildings and areas that attract millions of tourists from across the globe every year.
As well as the Guildhall think York Minster, The Shambles, Cli ord’s Tower. The list goes on...
But with history comes responsibility. Particularly architecturally. And that is both a blessing and a curse.
On the one hand, the city has a duty to maintain its prime assets, many of which have huge signi cance beyond the city’s famous walls. On the other hand, York needs to evolve to keep up with the competition
of other major cities to ensure it is not only meeting the demands of tourists, but locals as well.
At Helmsley Group, we have a long association with the city, and though we are proud of all that it has achieved, we believe that more can be done.
So, how can this be achieved? Firstly, and particularly in the light of the changing face of retail, York needs to keep adapting in order to continue to keep attracting the life which keeps the city thriving.
Take Coney Street as an example. Historically York’s primary shopping street, but with the well-publicised demise of
the traditional high street retailers over recent years, Coney Street lacks the appeal of many of the other fantastic streets in York which have independent shops and personality.
However there is an opportunity for the city to come together and reinvent Coney Street, losing its generic high street frontage to reveal its outstanding features once more.
The street also currently turns its back on the River Ouse, one of any city’s main assets. You only have to visit York on a sunny day
to see the attraction of a river frontage. However, there are also some beautiful listed

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