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Helmsley Group has a strong track record providing our client investors with positive income streams through syndication.
A prime example of this is at 46-48 Bootham in York, which we recently sold.
Max Reeves, director at Helmsley Group, said: “46-48 Bootham, the former home of Savills, has provided our client investors with a good income stream for more than 15 years.
“Having identi ed the healthy demand from buyers for a property of this nature that o ered residential development opportunities in a key location within the city, now was perhaps the time to sell the property.”
On the bene ts of syndication, Max says: “Buying quality commercial property investments can be very expensive and is not generally an option for individual investors due to the monies required. Syndication
can however provide the opportunity for an individual to create their own portfolio, by investing (relatively) smaller amounts of capital into a number of di erent opportunities.”
“The sale at 46-48 Bootham is a fantastic example of the bene ts of syndicated investment in property. Investing money in this way allows both risk and reward to be shared, by giving each participant a share of a property, and ensuring that there is no borrowing from outside sources, which can greatly increase risk.
“At Helmsley Group, we have a key understanding of the property market particularly around York, so we can advise clients on when to sell, ensuring that they get maximum return on their investment.
“We o er attractive syndicated property returns, a wide range of opportunities, a debt free buying process and a track record spanning nearly 40 years.”
Our Portfolio of over 60 well let commercial properties are located throughout England and Scotland and include o ces, industrial units, as well as high street retail and leisure, all of which have the ability to provide attractive return and a secure income stream.
Helmsley’s syndicated property opportunities are open to qualifying clients, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.
To  nd out more, please contact Max on
46-48 Bootham in York

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