Page 8 - Helmsley Group Newsletter Spring 2021
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Rapidly expanding technology firm boxxe has taken 20,000 sq ft of office space at our Artemis House building in Heworth Green, York.
boxxe has moved into the building from its current offices near Huby as it continues on its growth journey.
As well as boosting York’s reputation as a technological hub, boxxe’s presence
and expansion is set to create future job opportunities in IT and cybersecurity and boost the local economy.
The newly fitted-out office space has been designed with modern working in mind, with the original plans being redesigned to include more collaborative spaces, as well as an auditorium that will allow large groups to come together safely for training and development.
Max Reeves, director at Helmsley Group,
said: “We are delighted to see a significant investment made into the city by an exciting technology company. Despite the challenges of the current economic climate, it is great to see companies prospering and continuing to explore opportunities for expansion.
“The space not only looks great, but the larger premises will allow boxxe to scale up its
operations and recruit the best talent from York and further afield, helping the city to further establish its reputation as a provider of cutting- edge technology.”
Paul Jenkins, finance director at boxxe, said: “The move to Artemis House will help us make our growth plans a reality, as well as having a positive impact on our operational culture. We wanted to make the experience of coming into the office as safe and enjoyable as possible for our staff and the feedback that we have had so far has been fantastic.
“The larger space has not only allowed us to implement social distancing measures, but we have also introduced some new facilities to help us meet our ambitious growth targets, including a dedicated recording studio for our multimedia work. The new space is testament to our passion for collaboration and creativity and it’s been great to work with Helmsley Group to make
our vision a reality.”
Simon Middleton, business growth manager at Make It York, said: “This investment is fantastic news for York and I was delighted to support boxxe in making a successful grant application from the Strategic Inward Investment Fund, operated by the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, to help make this project happen.

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