Page 4 - Helmsley Group Newsletter Spring 2021
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Richard Peak, managing director at Helmsley Group, reflects on a unique 2020 and looks ahead with optimism to the future.
In our first newsletter of 2020, I reflected
on our successes as we embarked on our 40th year in business. I also explained how we hoped to continue to build on the strong portfolio we’ve created over our many
years in business despite the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
Fast forward 12 months and I’m pleased to say we’ve been able to continue our positive story despite the many challenges our business, and many like us, have
been facing.
Our ongoing belief that influence isn’t just about the size or scale of the development that one is building, but also about the positive impact that the development has on those closest to it, such as stakeholders, investors and local communities, continues to hold us in good stead.
During 2020, we continued to invest in property on behalf of our clients with our portfolio expanding to 65 properties across the country, with a total combined value of over £158m.
Despite the challenging economic conditions, we have continued to deliver exciting projects. Our recent residential
developments, such as Neon, Aura and Luna also reflect our aims to positively influence local communities, as they provide much needed affordable housing to first-time buyers in central York.
And following the successful completion of our mixed-use scheme at the historic Old Fire Station in York in 2019, we sold the ground and mezzanine floors of the office element to Standard Life Trustees Limited.
We’re proud to have maintained a trusted relationship with a multi-generational base of retained investors and look forward to continuing this over the years to come.
Many of these are younger and like us are passionate about sustainable development. Therefore, we will continue to develop our sustainability credentials, not just through our Mill Street development which, if given the green light, will save an estimated
226 tonnes of carbon emissions, but also through continuously reviewing our portfolio to see how we can lessen our environmental impact.
Clearly as we look ahead, we, like many others, will continue to navigate the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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